Having Sex During the Period

If you have your period, you may be assuming that sex is off-limits. Maybe you do not feel comfortable being intimate during the period, or you often feel unattractive or just unclean. Maybe your partner is not comfortable with intimacy, while you are menstruating.

In the end, the decision to have sex during “that time of the month” is a personal choice that you and your partner have to be comfortable. If desired, however, there is no reason why you cannot enjoy intimacy at every moment of your menstrual cycle. In fact, it could lead to real health benefits.

Having sex during your period can help provide pain relief for menstrual cramps, providing feeling good endorphins that are released during orgasm. Sex during the period could also help to reduce the period of a few days, you still have a normal life of health, but additional contractions that your experiences uterus during orgasm may help you make faster menstrual blood, thus ending the period a little ” earlier than usual.

Step One: Get Comfortable with the idea

You and your partner should clearly discuss your concerns with sex menstruation, as both should be comfortable and have fun. “Menstrual blood is a great lubricant and can improve sexual satisfaction for some couples,” says Kellie Flood-Shaffer, MD, associate professor and director of the division of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine.

“Unless the tradition of personal gender, religious, cultural or limits during menstruation, is no longer dangerous, uncomfortable, or, for that matter, especially more complicated in most situations,” says Dr. Flood-Shaffer.

“The staff at ease with sex during menstruation is a male problem and female, as many women are taught that they are ‘dirty’ at the time, and many men are taught that the menstrual blood can be ‘dangerous’ by capacity – none of which has a scientific basis, but cultural taboos can be very strong and important, “Flood-Shaffer notes.
So talk to your partner about concerns that each of you has – including ways to stay safe and to contain any mess – and about the pleasure and benefits that you can enjoy so much potential.

Keep Less Messy Menstruation Sex

There are many ways to avoid making a mess if you have sex during the period. “Menstrual flow is what it is. It ‘a bit’ messy ‘, but the majority of couples who enjoy sex during menstruation come with a towel on the bed” in the pelvic area, says Flood-Shaffer. “And, depending on the amount of bleeding, with a warm, damp towel to freshen up with a result close or take a quick shower are useful.”
It can also be positioned to reduce clutter. Try sex with the woman lying on her back to reduce bleeding. And use a type of depression that can also help to contain the menstrual blood: A cervical cap or diaphragm may help protect against pregnancy and to reduce menstrual bleeding during sex covering the cervix, the opening to the uterus through the the blood flowing period.

Menstruation Sex should be Still Safe

Just because you are having sex during the period does not mean that it is safe to have unprotected sex. “We recommend the usual safe sex practices when having sex during menstruation,” says Flood-Shaffer. “Yes, it is still possible to contract an STD [sexually transmitted diseases], so use a condom. This may not apply to monogamous couples who have been together for a long time in a committed relationship.”

And while not common, the risks of pregnancy are still a concern, even during menstruation. “Although it is very rare, no cases of pregnancy in couples who had only sex during menstruation is reported,” says Flood-Shaffer. “The probability is very small, but not zero. Overall this is a very safe time to have sex if you are trying to avoid pregnancy.”

“In a committed couple, information on the safety of Having sex during menstruation can give them a comfort level,” he says. “Never underestimate the importance of safe sex practices.”
For couples who want to explore sex during menstruation, remember to take basic safety precautions to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies. And with some changes in your normal routine, you can enjoy a new sexual experience.

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