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myVIGRA is a mixture of Cialis with dapoxetine includes 2 production components to address the dual problem associated with erectile dysfunction and premature discharge. These two compounds Dapoxetine Tadalafil and develop. Tadalafil be to counteract ED while forcing the male dapoxetine fluid to release premature. The mechanism of action associated with dapoxetine Cialis begins within 20 minutes of tablet ingestion. During these 20 minutes, the tablet dissolves and is mixed in the blood.

Initially Tadalafil start their mechanism of action. This stops the PDE-5 molecule to block the path of blood to the male reproductive organ of a man’s body being sexually activated. After killing the root cause associated with erectile dysfunction Cialis happens allowing the release of another enzyme called cyclic GMP, which ensures a greater flow of blood to the penis of the men they take. This flow of excess blood ensures that the male body organ becomes rigid and allows it to be part of making love.

After man becomes difficult because Cialis, Dapoxetine starts working. It is a brief inhibitory created exclusively to solve the problem faced by the premature release of men. It is an antidepressant and use for the treatment of premature, such as depressive disorders secretion are one of the main drivers for it. Manages the disintegration of the molecule serotonin in the human brain. It increases sexual desire in men and may contain the types of early secretion that allows them a satisfying love session.


myVIGRA dapoxetine is generally 80 mg pill should be taken with water, which helps to dissolve the drug quickly. Actually Dapoxetine should not be taken when the human body is not well hydrated. This pill can be taken before you actually eat anything. myVIGRA can dissolve in your body within 20 minutes and lasts about dapoxetine 40 to 50 minutes, so a good time to consider this pill would be a minimum of 50 minutes before sexual activity. It is a necessity to use drugs and so there is no problem if you miss a dose. However, grape juice and alcohol is used in addition to the dapoxetine as myVIGRA can trigger or increase the performance side.


How Cialis with Dapoxetine contains two strong chemicals and are sure to cause some side effects. These are:

  • Headache
  • Muscular pain
  • Dizziness
  • A rigid nasal area or runny nose
  • Swelling in the region of the face.

Above these adverse effects are short-lived, however, persist for long periods of time, consult a doctor. Serious adverse effects observed after the use of this drug and in need of immediate medical attention are: priapism, respiratory problems, rash and pus development etc.


Tadalafil and Dapoxetine tend to be 2 very powerful chemicals and any allergic to it or to avoid or person should also consult your doctor for a dose. To reduced extract all the benefits of Cialis with dapoxetine to avoid alcohol and fats as these tend to reduce the strength of this medication. After taking Cialis with dapoxetine, any activity involving severe concentration should not be terminated. For example, driving, processing machines, lifting heavy loads, etc. MyVIGRA Male Enhancement for men taking a regular dose of medication to cure their disorders should indicate some additional medications to your doctor before starting Cialis dose of dapoxetine. This is particularly necessary for those who currently nitrate drugs used by cardiac patients.


MyVIGRA impotence for men to keep some important points in your mind while using Cialis with dapoxetine. It should be explored that it does not duplicate the number of doses of this tablet for better effect. You should keep this drug off the access of pregnant women and adolescents may not be suitable for them and can lead to unwanted health problems. Cardiovascular diseases, eye diseases, sickle cell anemia are the diseases that can cause serious Cialis side effects with dapoxetine. MyVIGRA for men struggling with erectile dysfunction problems above should start using the medicine only after your doctor’s approval.

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