Pilates, Mind Body and Rejuvenating

Pilates is a form of exercise for the mind and the physical body and was introduced in 1920 by a trainer named Joseph Pilates. It includes some features of yoga, martial arts and exercises include Western and Six principles Pilate:

Concentration-Pay attention to your performance To control the movements of his body and muscles Centering- Moving out to the members of the center I graceful movements adequate flow Accuracy – Make the right moves Inhale and exhale coordinate breath with movement

Pilates Method is both classic and new gym systems. There are two types of fields:

Authentic Tradition Classic // field Pilate : These exercises are performed with gym equipment.

Modern / camp Pilate cotemporary – These exercises are performed on the carpet and no need for a gym or a physiotherapy center.

Pilates is an exercise in mind-body for all ages. And ‘suitable for men, women and children.

Are you suffering from one of the following: muscle pain, joint pain, arthritis, spinal cord injuries, disk problems, neurological disorders? And you’re afraid to exercise because of these pains and lack of time? Good news for you. Pilates is an excellent remedy for all these conditions and some exercises are too short and can be practiced in a short period. This is a simple exercise is simple, gentle movements and produces excellent results. Pilate exercise can be done on a mat and you can make use of fitness equipment. You can practice in a gym or you can go home at any time. So if you suffer from pain or injury and cannot go to a gym or cannot exercise using your computer then this will be the best choice for you. You can do it anytime and anywhere as per your convenience. For best results, this method into practice at least three times a week.


Health Benefits of Pilates and Physical Education

Best Body Conditioning improve body balance Strengthening the muscles of the abdomen, legs, arms, lower back and hips increases your energy level and flexibility Improve knowledge of the position Improve blood circulation Congratulations fitness exercises increase coordination between mind and body care neurological disorders Stress and tension control reducing pain and weakness Lowering blood pressure it helps in the healing of spinal injuries or joint reducing musculoskeletal injuries helps to reduce the weight contribute to achieving long and thin appearance

Although this form of exercise has been developed in Western countries it is now gaining porularity in the Far East. Campaigns of different clubs behind this result.

Precautions common methods of practice before Pilate

Persons under one of the following conditions should consult a physician before practicing methods of Pilate

Pregnant women Overweight Surgery suffered under medication / treatment

Fitness Community Centers and Pilates Studios in Ireland

Many community centers and gyms Pilate to offer training and practice in Ireland. Expert trainers or coaches will give the right guidance and education in all classes and training sessions. Hurry up and enroll in a study of Pilate and start enjoying the benefits of the Pilates method.

Search Pilates studio in your area? After the sign OOYO ™ Sport and we will help you find the best study of Pilate near your place.

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