How Much Testosterone Does a Man Produce? Know Normal Levels

Any man (or woman) will ever have said or heard that “there are no such men as before.” And although most of the time they refer to the romantic qualities that characterized the men of another era … The reality is that, this is worrying and is intrinsically related to a question that we also frequently ask ourselves. And this is about how much testosterone produces a man.

The main and responsible factor in differentiating men from women is hormones. They determine and regulate the formation of reproductive organs, mammary glands, fat accumulation characteristic of each sex, and tone of voice. And the funny thing is that both testosterone and estrogen influence not only the physical aspect of each. It also influences behavior. There is no motivational or self-help book that can overcome the consequences of low testosterone levels.


A study published in the journal Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism was in charge of studying how much testosterone a man produces. It also addresses the topic of how these levels have declined for some decades. There he demonstrated that average levels of testosterone in men has dropped significantly in recent times. In fact it reflects that this decrease has been of more than 20%. So after all, it seems like men are less men now.

One of the most visible results has been the increase of mammary glands in men. While it is true that all men like breasts, it is not precisely in their own body where they prefer them. Usually it is accumulated fat. But it can reach a stage where breast tissue is produced and surgery becomes the only option.

Low levels of testosterone do not trigger a merely aesthetic problem (which is already depressing enough). On the contrary, it brings with it serious health problems, both physical and psychological.


On average, in men it produces between five and ten milligrams of testosterone a day (that is 20 times more than what women produce). About 95% of this testosterone is produced in the testicles. The rest in the adrenal glands. The body is responsible for producing testosterone starting from cholesterol. That is why diets that are responsible for completely eliminating fat consumption, in the end they become the cause of a more serious problem.

All the testosterone that is floating in our blood is not usable. The one that is really usable is free testosterone, this is the one that the body can use to avoid problems like the ones just mentioned. And this why, well, the rest of the testosterone is bound to a protein, Albumin or SHBG. So it is not really available, however, there are ways to break the link between testosterone and the above-mentioned protein, so that more free testosterone can be obtained.


Free testosterone accounts for less than 3% of total testosterone! Ideal levels of testosterone in men have proved to be a subject worthy of debate, and depends largely on age. Normal levels of total testosterone can be referred to when it is between 300 and 1000 ng / dL. When the level is below, there must be a problem. However, with levels between 300 and 400 ng / dL, the symptoms associated with low testosterone can be started. It is best to be as close to 1000 ng / dL as possible.

To know how much testosterone a man makes it is important to take several samples during the day. This is because production goes up and down depending on the circadian rhythm and the stimuli that the body receives. For example, in the morning testosterone levels are usually high, hence the morning erection.


The drop in testosterone in recent times (short time, by the way), has been terrifying. So it is important to reflect on whether you are leading a healthy lifestyle or whether we contribute every day to being less men than we already are.

The production of testosterone as well as obesity does not depend on a single factor. It is a rather complex process in which many elements conspire to increase the number of men wondering if they should wear brassier. The immense consumption of foods that are already processed and a sedentary lifestyle are ingredients that are very present in the loss of manhood that are experiencing men.


The most important thing will be to improve the lifestyle and focus on a really healthy life. Incorporating healthy food and exercise is basic to improving testosterone production. However, there are also supplements that can improve how much testosterone a man produces, and optimize his quality of life. We recommend Testoultra as it is completely natural and has no negative repercussions on the body. If you have any input or query, do not hesitate to leave a comment.

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