XTR14 Testro – What it is, Benefits, Price and Where to Buy!!

XTR14 Testro is a vitamin supplement that promises to increase your sexual vitality naturally without harming your health, increasing your testosterone level and sexual performance.

Currently there are medicines on the market, such as Viagra that increases male sexual potency. Unfortunately, these medicines have serious side effects and bring various reactions to your body and their continued use is not indicated.

So, on the other hand, researchers in natural dietary supplements have developed the XTR14 Testro, a 100% natural viagra that promises to be effective against sexual impotence, fatigue and lack of libido.

What is

XTR14 Testro is a supplement made from natural substances capable of increasing and improving your sexual libido and disposition. It has in its formula substances responsible for activating the levels testosterone increasing its disposition and energy in the daily activities. That is, the XTR14 Testro works as if it were a type of natural viagra.

XTR14 Testro is produced by Max Formula, a company based in Nova Tramandaí.

To know your formula, go to the official product website by clicking the image.


The components of the XTR14 Testro formula are capable of improving various functions in your body, especially in relation to your sexual potency and performance. See below, all the benefits that XTR14 Testro provides to our health:

  • Improves sexual performance and libido;
  • Activates body energy, improving mood;
  • It produces higher level of testosterone;
  • Increases the potency of male erections;
  • It does not cause side effects or reactions;
  • Can be used by men of any age;
  • Rich in essential vitamins and minerals;
  • Fast and approved results;
  • Satisfaction guarantee or your money back, guaranteed through the official product page;
  • Helps in burning body fat;
  • Blood pressure control;
  • Improves mood and self-confidence.


The XTR14 Testro supplement is composed of only two main ingredients:

  1. Acerola
  2. Peruvian Maca

Acerola is a citrus fruit rich in vitamin C , an essential nutrient for human health. There are no studies showing advantages of using acerola or vitamin C to help with male sexual performance. There must be reason to have put acerola in the composition of XTR14 Testro, however, this site does not know this reason.

Peruvian maca is traditionally associated with improved performance. Used in the Andes for centuries, its stimulating effect has been attracting the attention of several people around the world. However, it is important to remember that there are still many to study until we understand better how litter actually benefits human health. Much of what you read on the internet about Peruvian maca is inventing or exaggerating.


Through the official website of the original XTR14 Testro you can buy this product safely, with fast and guaranteed delivery. It is not super cheap, but it is not very expensive, considering that it is a product that does not harm your health, and has a lot of benefits. It pays to do the test yourself.

Experts Recommend

This product is scientifically proven, its components are recommended as the best natural treatment option to solve problems of libido and sexual impotence, however we recommend you buy the product only through the official website to avoid dissatisfaction with the product, usually caused by false products.


The XTR14 Testro is a supplement and supplements do not come with package leaflets like the ones you can find in medications. However, in the XTR14 Testro box, you can find information such as nutritional values, composition, how to take, ingredients, etc.

Where to Buy

The XTR14 Testro is sold by its manufacturer through the official website, just click the image below to buy. Some online stores also sell this supplement, but if you buy a package with more bottles, you get a better price than these places.

Our Opinion

On the official website of the product, the manufacturer confirms the effectiveness of XTR14 Testro as a supplement to increase potency and sexual pleasure by saying that a study was done with 4000 thousand people who took XTR14 Testro.

The four ingredients of the supplement formula, Solanum sessiliflorum (cubiu) , Theobroma cacao (cocoa) , Paullinea Cupana (guaraná) and Euterpe Oleracea (açaí) are excellent antioxidants and will bring some benefits to your sex life.

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